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Login Issues

We understand that there may be issue with corrupted cookies when logging into the parent portal on the website again. There are currently two ways to resolve this issue:

1. If you are unable to log in please trying clearing your cookies in your internet browser and then attempt to log in
2. Always click logout when leaving this part of the website. This should prevent the cookies corrupting in the first place.

We appreciate that these are not ideal solutions and are working with the web development team on a more permanent fix.

The web developers have been unable to replicate the login problem from their end. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind helping us to identify the problem. The developers have asked if you could do the following, when the problem next arises. They would like you to find the session ID from when you next login to the website and they will cross check to see what is happening. They have given the description of how to find the ID below. I’ve just tried and it reads more complicated than it is. Once you have the Session ID if you could email it to me and I can forward it on to the developers.

In order to find the session ID you will need to ask the parent to access the developer toolbar within either IE, Firefox or Chrome once they are logged into the secure area on the site. they can do this by pressing the 'F12' key on their keyboard.

This will then open up a panel within the browser. From here the way they find the cookie session ID differs.

• Firefox - Within the developer toolbar there is a tab called 'cookies'. Clicking this will then display the session cookie ID
• Chrome - Click on the 'Application' tab and then on the left hand side there is an option called 'cookies'. From here you should be able to see the session cookie ID
• Internet Explorer - Click on the 'Network' tab within the developer toolbar. Enable the capture of network traffic by clicking on the green triangular button in the top toolbar. Refresh the page. Click on the 'Details' tab and select the 'Cookies' option. The session id with displayed in the list of cookies stored.

If you could help me, I would be very grateful. Otherwise if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to come back to me.

If you have had difficulties logging in in the last week, please complete this simple form, so we can report the scale of the issue to the developers.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

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