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Report an Absence

Junior Absence: Call 01372 822482 or 01372 822474.

Senior Absence: Email: or call 01372 822421 or 01372 822470.

Switchboard:  01372 822400.

Report a junior absence 

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, it is necessary to telephone the Junior School Office
(01372 822482/74 or Absence line 01372 822421) before 8.15am on each day of absence stating the form that your child is in and the reason why s/he is unable to attend school.
Parents/guardians are asked to ensure that all non-urgent medical or dental appointments are restricted to out of school hours. If a pupil has to be taken out of school for any reason, permission must be requested by writing to the Head of the Junior School in advance, giving reason for the absence and the exact time off required.
Furthermore, if a pupil needs to leave during the school day, a letter from the parent should be given to the Form Teacher giving the reason and time of the appointment. The child should report to the Junior School Office to sign out before departing. Return to school should also be notified to the Junior School Office. If a pupil is taken ill during the school day, he or she will be taken to the Medical Centre for treatment by the School Nurse. If it is decided that the pupil should be sent home, then parents/guardians will be contacted by the medical staff and suitable arrangements made. Under no circumstances may a pupil ask their parents/guardians to collect them from school without following the above procedure.
Pupils selected for teams are expected to fulfil their commitments. Written notice is required two weeks in advance if a fixture published in the School Calendar has to be missed.

report a senior absence

If a pupil is late to School, thereby missing Registration, he or she must report to Reception in the Haywood Centre and sign in to the ‘Late Book’. Pupils register at 8.35am and 2.05 pm. The same reporting procedure is to be followed should an afternoon registration be missed.

If a pupil is unable to attend school because of unplanned absence, such as illness or family emergency, it is essential that parents notify school by 8:15am via email: or telephone 01372 822421 explaining the reason for the absence.

If parents feel that it is necessary to take their son/daughter out of school for a planned absence such as a medical appointment or funeral, they should e-mail the pupil’s Form Tutor at least 24 hours in advance (staff e-mail addresses can be found at In the case of holiday requests, elite sporting competitions or special family occasions etc., the pupil’s Head of Section should be e-mailed to seek permission at least two weeks in advance ( for Upper School and for Sixth Form). Not following this procedure may constitute unauthorised absence and may be counted as truancy.

Absence is monitored and registers are inspected by independent inspectors on a regular basis. Freemen’s has to abide by the rules that govern any school which has pupils of compulsory school age. Consequently if your son/daughter’s attendance drops below 90% in any term, without good reason, the school will be obliged to bring in outside agencies to help address the problem. The school may ask for medical certificates in certain circumstances.
Requests for absence for holidays during term-time are granted only in exceptional circumstances.
Boarders who need to arrange flights home must pay particular attention to term dates – they are not
permitted to arrange flights which will necessitate lessons being missed.
Please be aware that absence from School does make life very difficult for pupils. Although they can copy up notes, they may miss valuable explanations, advice, practice and practical work. Therefore, such requests for absence should only be made in very exceptional circumstances.
If the pupil is leaving the premises he/she must sign out with Reception in the Haywood Centre. Time of
return must also be recorded.