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After School Care

The Homework Club operates under the following guidelines:

Pupils in Form 1 to Lower 3 are supervised in the Junior School library from 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

Pupils in Upper 3 to Upper 4 are supervised in a classroom in the Haywood Centre (usually Computer Room 2) from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. They are permitted to sign themselves in and out of Homework Club.

Any pupils that are still in Homework Club at 6.00pm will then be taken to the Dining Hall to join the boarding pupils. If the pupils have still not been collected at 6.30pm, they will be taken to the Boarding House.

For pupils in Form 1 to Upper 4 the charge is £3 per pupil for one hour with a snack or £5 for two hours with a snack, billed per term in arrears. A snack comprises a carton of fruit juice and either a piece of fruit or a chocolate biscuit or a packet of crisps. Your child may of course opt not to have a snack, but this will not affect the flat charge for Homework Club.

Pupils in Forms Lower 5 – Upper 6 have free use of the Senior Library.

Pupils may attend on a regular or occasional basis.

Where attendance is occasional, parents of pupils in Form 1 – Lower 3 must ring the School in advance to confirm, on 01372 822482.

Junior pupils in Form 1 – Lower 3 are not permitted to leave the Homework Club unaccompanied. They may not wait in the grounds of the School to be collected. For their safety they must be collected from the Homework Club room.

If any other arrangements are necessary, these should be explained in writing, in advance, to the member of staff in charge of the Homework Club via the Form Teacher. If a message needs to be given to a pupil during Homework Club hours, please ring the Junior School Library on 01372 822440.

Booking a Place at Homework Club

To book a place at Homework Club, please tick the box on the ‘Information to be returned to the School’ form which is to be returned to the School this week.