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A Level Music

Head of Department: Mr P. Dodds

Examination Board: Edexcel

Specification Code: 9MU01

Course Requirements: Grade 6 at GCSE plus at least grade 7 standard on one instrument. A second instrument is not necessary, although useful (especially piano). Grade 5 (or above) theory standard would be ideal. Students who have not taken GCSE Music would have to show evidence of strong performance skills (one or two instruments at grade 7 or above) with Grade 5 theory.

Course Content:

Component 1 – Performing (30%)

Students will give a public performance of one or pieces, performed as a recital. The total performance time across all pieces must be a minimum of 8 minutes. Performances must be recorded after March 1st in the year of certification and all materials for assessment submitted to arrive at EdExcel by 15th May in the year of certification. The recital can include solo and/or ensemble performances.

Component 2 – Composing (30%)

Students will produce a total of two compositions, one to a brief set by EdExcel and one either a free composition or also to a brief. One composition must be from either a list of briefs related to the areas of study, or a free composition. This composition must be at least 4 minutes in duration. One composition must be from a list of briefs assessing compositional technique. This composition must be at least 1 minute in duration. Options include Bach Chorales, Two part counterpoint, arrangement or remix.

Component 3 – Appraising (40%)

Students will study a three set works in each of the following areas of study:- Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Music for Film, Popular Music and Jazz, Fusions and New Directions.

Course Assessment:

Students will be assessed in two parts of a written paper.

Section A: Listening skills - Students will be examined on three questions related to the set works. A skeleton score will be provided.

Section B: Extended Response – Students will be required to answer two essay questions. Essay one asks students to draw links from their study of the set works to the music heard as an unfamiliar extract. Essay Two gives the choice of three questions that ask students to evaluate the musical elements, context and language of one set work. Each option will be from a different area of study.