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A Level Success

City of London Freemen’s School in Ashtead is once again celebrating following success in its A Level results. 

A Level Results

  • 29% of students achieved all A* / A grades (+5% on last year)
  • 7% students achieved all A* grades (+2% on last year)
  • 83% of grades achieved were A* / B grades
  • 55% of grades achieved were A or A* grades
  • 22% of grades achieved were A* grades.

83% of all grades achieved were A* / B grades, 55% were A* or A grades, while 22% were A* grades.

“We are delighted by this year’s A Level results and they are all the remarkable given what else these students have also accomplished in the School during their time, here. When you put such impressive academic performances alongside the contributions that these same pupils have made to the sporting, musical, dramatic and social side of the School, you get a picture of genuinely well-rounded young people, which is what a Freemen’s education is about,” suggested Headmaster Roland Martin, who has just completed his first year at the School.

“It is thanks to the hard work and dedication of our students and staff, with support from parents, that these students remain ambitious about what they might achieve in and out of the classroom.

"We wish those students now leaving Freemen’s continued success as they continue their academic career and beyond.”

From September, the Sixth Form curriculum will change at the school with the introduction of linear A Levels and the school’s new Free Minds programme; a new course to run alongside A levels that allows students to study a range of subjects to provide an even broader base to students’ knowledge. Students will study eight courses for six weeks each in a variety of areas including: Dickens’ Women, Global Conflicts in the 21st Century, the EU and The Referendum and Statistics for Scientists.