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I've Registered for 16+ (Sixth Form)

Thank you for registering. You have moved onto Phase 2 and 3 of the Admissions Journey.

What's next?

If you are a candidate who is currently overseas, who is NOT sitting 8 or more GCSEs, please look at the Overseas Students section below.

For all other students, the next step is for the candidate to complete the Sixth Form Questionnaire, detailing their interests and proposed study choices. Click on the link below:

Once we have received the questionnaire, we will contact the candidates current school for an up-to-date confidential report. Please note that as per HMC guidelines, we will not receive reports before the beginning of November.

Once both these pieces of information have been received, we will decide whether or not we would like to invite the candidate for an interview. Interviews will take place towards the end of November (or in the Spring term for later applciations).

If the interview is successful, we will offer a place conditional on GCSE results. Candidates will need to contact us on GCSE results day to confirm their place. Once again, due to HMC guidelines, we are unable to make offers before 3rd December.

If a candidate is offered a place on the waiting list, we will make it clear what position they are in. We regret, given the large number of applicants, we are unable to give feedback on interviews.

Scholarships and Bursaries

We have changed the way we offer bursaries and scholarships. Scholarship awards are intended to attract and reward pupils of high academic ability and talent. Parents of scholars will be offered up to a maximum 5% discount of the fees. Bursary funds are available for those families requiring support to meet School fees and can be as much as 100% of the school fees.

Bursary applications can be started before you are given an offer, but cannot be submitted until a pupil has received an offer of a place from the Headmaster. The application process will include a detailed financial assessment. Any award is subject to the pupil meeting the entry requirements of the School and an annual financial re-assessment.

Freemen’s scholarship awards are an accolade for academic or musical merit and should not be seen as a form of fee remission. Scholars will be offered a specific programme of study that recognises their ability, whilst continues to push and challenge them.

Both the Academic awards and Music awards are open to all potential entrants to the Sixth Form, whether existing Year 11 (Upper 5) pupils currently at Freemen’s or pupils taking GCSE, or equivalent courses elsewhere.

 16+ Academic Scholarships

This autumn, we are changing the 16+ Scholarship exams.

We are looking for candidates who do not just excel in one area, but instead are able to think independently and critically. 

Therefore, rather than sit subject specific papers, candidates will now be asked to complete critical thinking exercises. There might also be some general knowledge questions and there will be a piece of extended writing. The questions have been set by the Headmaster.

Candidates will be invited to an interview based on the results of the scholarship paper.

There is no further guidance and there is no need for candidates to prepare for these exams. The application deadline is 15th October 2020.

If you already hold a scholarship at Freemen's, you are eligible to apply, but no further financial discount will be awarded. 

Fee: £50 for internal or external candidates.

16+ Music Scholarships 

Candidates will be asked to attend an audition and interview with The Director of Music. These auditions and interviews will be arranged during November 2020. Candidates must have passed Grade 7 on their first instrumental study, and as part of their audition will be asked to:
  • play three contrasting pieces on their first instrumental study lasting at least ten minutes;
  • play two pieces on their second study (which can include singing);
  • take a sight reading test on their first study;
  • take a series of aural tests assessing musical memory and creativity;
  • answer questions on their pieces, musical experiences and aspirations.

The standard of auditions are likely to be exacting, as you might expect, and if pupils are uncertain of whether they should apply, it is suggested that they discuss possibilities with their subject teachers and tutors.

A selection committee will reach their final decisions which will be communicated in writing at the start of December. The School does not issue marks and relative positions for the above auditions.

Competition for these awards among Freemen’s pupils and from external applicants is strong and pupils and parents should bear this in mind when applying.


Candidates are asked to complete the 16+ Music Scholarship application by following this link no later than 15th October 2020.

Candidates for Music Scholarships can contact the Director of Music, Mr Paul Dodds, at City of London Freemen’s School via for further information on the Music awards. Audition times will be allocated as applications are received.

In the meantime, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office on 01372 822423.

Bhargava Award 

We are delighted to have secured a generous bequest from local lady Mrs. Bhargava, whose long and successful career was a result of her own enjoyment of Mathematics.

"Without the bursary I would not have this amazing opportunity which I know will lay the foundations for my future career"

Eligibility: As a 'Women in STEM' initiative, only female pupils applying for entry into the Sixth Form to study Mathematics with a view to studying Mathematics or related disciplines at university are eligible. The student must live within fifteen miles of the school (KT21 1ET) in keeping with Mrs. Bhargava’s own links with Ashtead and Leatherhead, currently attending a maintained sector school or academy. Preference will be given to students whose families could not otherwise afford full school fees.
Awards: The Bhargava Award can cover the school day fee and extras, subject to financial means testing, in order that a deserving candidate from a financially limited background would not need to worry about covering fees, transport, uniform and trips costs.
When: Starting 2020.
Assessment: Applicants will need not only to meet the criteria for the award, but also to achieve the entrance requirements for Freemen’s Sixth Form. We will ask students to complete a questionnaire detailing why they wish to study Mathematics and/or other STEM subjects at A Level and beyond; students should also expect to be interviewed by relevant members of teaching staff; plus all applicants' families will need to be means-tested.

Deadline for applications: 15 October 2019

Applying for Year 12 (not taking 8 or more gcses)

We are changing the way we do entrance assessments for Year 7 and above. We have contacted anyone who has registered or enquired for a place and we will be telling local feeder schools.  

The entrance procedure is comprised of three main elements: tests, interviews and confidential report from the Head Teacher of the current school.


Guidance for prospective parents and current teachers

2021 Entrance Examinations

The examinations are scheduled to take place in November 2020. Once you have registered, we will allocate you with an exam date and time. We will send more detailed information and confirmation of timings nearer the date, but the day is likely to run as follows:

Arrival and Registration  
Online BUSSATs  Assessments 2 hours
Break (Drink & Snack) 20 minutes 
Non-Verbal Reasoning 40 minutes
Break  5 minutes
Written English Exercise 30 minutes
Those students that require additional time will have that factored into their results. If your child is entitled to extra time, or special considerations, or has any Special Educational Needs, please inform us as soon as possible and supply any supporting information.

Coaching for these tests is not encouraged.  


Interviews will take place in January 2021 and will be by invitation only. There will be two interviews to find out more about your child. One will be a group interview, where they will be asked to do a task. And the second will be an individual interview to find out a little more about your child, what they enjoy at school, their hobbies and interests and also some questions to see how they think about things. Interviews for candidates residing overseas can be conducted via Facetime or Skype.

School Report

In the Autumn term, we will request a school report from your child's current school. This school reference and report are an integral part of our assessment for each candidate as they help us get to know your child a little better and to build the wider picture of their academic and non-academic abilities and interests. We may also contact your child’s current Head for more information.

In accordance with HMC Guidelines, Freemen’s will not be able to reach a decision on an application for entry until we have received this report.

Please also be aware that for children attending maintained schools, parents may be charged a fee for this report by their child’s school.

Sitting Overseas

If applicants can sit the papers at Freemen’s, we will invite them to join us for the regular entrance exams in November. Otherwise, we can either arrange for candidates to sit entrance exams at their current school, at their agents’ office, if appropriate, or at a local British Council Office.  If the exams are being taken overseas they will need to take place between in November 2020. Interviews can be arranged via Skype or FaceTime. Please make it clear on the Exam Confirmation Form or Registration Form that you intend to sit overseas.

English 16+ (Total 60 marks)  

Comprehension: You will be tested on how well you read and understand both implicit and explicit meanings from an extract of approximately 1500 words. (40 marks)  
Punctuation: You will be given a longer paragraph than the 13+ exam without any punctuation and be asked to correct it with the appropriate punctuation marks. We will be using Capital Letters, Full Stops, Commas, Apostrophes and Question Marks. (12 marks)  
Word Meaning: Many words in English have similar meanings. You will be asked to identify more difficult words and also more in quantity than the 13+ exam from a list that mean or do the same thing. (8 marks)  

Mathematics 16+ (Total 240 marks)  

Number: Surds (simplify and rationalise), Indices (fractional and negative).  
Algebra: Expressions (simplify and expand), Subject of formulae, Simultaneous equations, Quadratics (factorising, solving, completing the square etc.), Linear graphs (straight line equations, parallel and perpendicular), Algebraic Fractions (adding and simplifying).  

General Knowledge 16+ (60 marks)  

Questions will be on subjects that an interested, outward-looking student of this age from anywhere in the world could be expected to know about and answer confidently. Subjects covered in this section are History, Geography, Science, Current Affairs and Sport. The questions will cover topics from around the world and will not be based purely on the United Kingdom

Click below to download sample questions:

There will also be a short 30-minute written English Exercise.

We do not have sample papers for Non-Verbal Reasoning. These can be found at most retailers.