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I've Registered for 11+ (Year 7)

Thank you for registering. You have moved onto Phase 2 and 3 of the Admissions Journey.Infographic for Freemen's Entrance Exams

Entrance Examinations

The way we conduct our entrance examinations for Year 7 entry is changing. This year we will be using BUSSATs entry tests. BUSSATs are designed to measure students’ ability in English (Comprehension and Grammar), Maths (at basic, advanced and super-advanced levels), and General Knowledge (History, Geography, Science, Current affairs and Sport). The test is delivered over two hours (with short breaks in between) using a computer-based technology platform.

Pupils will also sit a separate Non-Verbal Reasoning Assessment.

These assessments are intended to take place on 9th or 16th November 2019. We will be in touch with you again very soon to confirm the specific date for your child’s assessments. 

A more detailed schedule will follow but your child’s assessment session is likely to run as follows depending on which session they are invited to:

Arrival and Registration  
Online BUSSATs  Assessments 2 hours
Break (Snack & Drink) 20 minutes
Non-Verbal Reasoning 40 minutes
Break 5 minutes
English Written Assessment 30 minutes

If your child is entitled to extra time, or special considerations, or has any Special Educational Needs, please inform us as soon as possible and supply any supporting information.

BUSSATS Syllabus and Guidelines

Please find below the BUSSATS Syllabus and Guidelines for your information;

English 11+ (Total 60 marks)

Comprehension: Candidates will be asked to read a short extract from a book and then answer a series of multiple-choice questions about what they have read. (32 marks)

Punctuation: They will be given a short paragraph without any punctuation and be asked to correct it with the appropriate punctuation marks. We will only be using the most common ones – Capital Letters, Full Stops, Commas, Apostrophes and Question Marks. (24 marks)

Word Meaning: Many words in English have similar meanings and candidates will be asked to identify various words from a list that mean or do the same thing. (4 marks)

Mathematics 11+ (Total 298 marks)

Number: Operations (multiply, divide, add and subtract), Fractions (simplify, add, subtract, multiply), Decimals (add, subtract, multiply, rounding), Negatives (add, subtract, divide, multiply), Percentages.

Shape: Perimeter, Area (triangles, rectangles), Angles (triangles).

Data: Probability.

General Knowledge 11+ (Total 60 marks)

Questions will be on subjects that an interested, outward-looking student of this age from anywhere in the world could be expected to know about and answer confidently. Subjects covered in this section are History, Geography, Science, Current Affairs and Sport. The questions will cover topics from around the world and will not be based purely on the United Kingdom.

There will also be a short written exercise.


Interviews will take place on Saturday 11th January 2020 and will be by invitation only. There will be two interviews to find out more about your child. One will be a group interview, where they will be asked to do a task. And the second will be an individual interview to find out a little more about your child, what they enjoy at school, their hobbies and interests and also some questions to see how they think about things. Interviews for candidates residing overseas can be conducted via Facetime or Skype.

Sitting Overseas

For those families currently living overseas, if it is unlikely that you will be able to attend the entrance exams here in the UK, please kindly inform us at your earliest opportunity. We will make a note of this and will liaise with you over the necessary arrangements for the entrance exams to be administered overseas. This may be possible at a child’s current school, at an agents’ office if appropriate and with prior agreement, or at a local British Council Office.

School Report

In the Autumn term, we will request a school report from your child's current school. This school reference and report are an integral part of our assessment for each candidate as they help us get to know your child a little better and to build the wider picture of their academic and non-academic abilities and interests. We may also contact your child's current Head for more information.

In accordance with HMC Guidelines, Freemen’s will not be able to reach a decision on your child's application for entry until we have received this report.

Please also be aware that for children attending maintained schools, parents may be charged a fee for this report by their child’s school.


Bursary awards can be applied for once a pupil has received an offer of a place from the Headmaster. The application process will include a detailed financial assessment. Any award is subject to the pupil meeting the entry requirements of the School and an annual financial re-assessment. For any initial Bursary enquiries please email our Outreach Officer, Mrs Kerri Martin at .


Music and Academic Scholarships are available for candidates entering Year 7 in September 2020. There is no separate application process for Academic Scholarships; ALL candidates for Year 7 entry will be considered on the basis of the entrance examinations, school reports and the interview following the examinations.

Applicants for Music Scholarships must have passed Grade 3 in one instrument and be able to offer a second study/voice. There will be a separate audition which will be arranged by the Director of Music individually with applicants. The audition and interview will be arranged for Friday 10th January 2020 or as soon as possible after that date.  As part of their audition, candidates will be asked to:

  • play two contrasting pieces on their first instrumental study lasting at least four minutes
  • play one piece on their second instrumental study (which can include singing)
  • take a sight reading test on their first study
  • take a series of aural tests assessing musical memory and creativity
  • answer questions on their pieces, musical experiences and aspirations

We are open for applications for an 11+ Music Scholarship.

Candidates are recommended to bring an accompanist with whom they have played before. If this is not possible we can supply an accompanist who will be available for 5-10 minutes before the audition time. If you are likely to require an accompanist, please email our Music Administrator, Mrs Grover, via once you have submitted your application in the Autumn term. You will also need to forward to her a copy of your child’s music.

Candidates for Music Scholarships can contact the Director of Music via or on 01372 822449 for further information on the Music Awards. 

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