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Sixth Formers Enjoy Trip to Barcelona

A Level Spanish and Geography students in Lower 6 travelled to Barcelona for a trip that enriched both their cultural understanding and language appreciation of Spain.

Read the following account of the trip written by Lower 6 student, Sophie Hamilton.

In order to experience first-hand some of the key cultural topics that we study, the Lower 6 Spanish students participated in the first ever A Level trip to Barcelona. Taking into account our course’s huge focus on Hispanic food, architecture and language variations, we visited a range of different sites. Starting with a tour of the historic Sagrada Familia, we instantly leapt into exploring the culture. There, we evaluated its religious significance and the work of Gaudí - an important figure in our studies.

Other places we visited included Gaudí’s La Pedrera and Casa Milà, as well as the famous Park Güell. There, we gained an insight into the artist which we never would have achieved in a classroom. Student Sophie Dixon said, “I thought Gaudí’s architecture was stunning; I particularly enjoyed seeing the incorporation of the natural world in his designs in Park Güell.”


Regarding regional food, we visited La Boqueria, a huge food market off Las Ramblas, where we observed a wide array of delicious fresh fish, meat, cheese, sauces, fruits and vegetables and tried traditional dishes such as tapas. Although the trip’s main focus was on culture, we were given many opportunities to practise speaking the language too. We carried out questionnaires, asking local shopkeepers their opinions on the development of the city and tourism. Speaking to each other in Spanish (a task much easier when abroad) was also encouraged. Student Zoe Chatterton said, “Getting the unique opportunity to interact directly with natives helped boost my confidence in speaking.”


Overall, the trip was very successful as we now have a greater appreciation of Spain’s complex culture. Hopefully, it can be continued for future students as there is no better way to learn about a country than to visit it.