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Freemen's win 'Business Integrity Prize'

Freemen's students win prize at the ICAEW BASE National Final

502 schools and over 4000 students from across the country entered this year’s BASE competition.  A team of six Economics and Business students were amongst 40 schools and 240 students to reach the national final and one of only a few to be awarded a trophy.

The competition which has run over the course of the year was made up of four different rounds, an individual round, a team problem solving round and a presentation round before the two day National Final that took place in Birmingham. The Team from Freemen’s which consisted of Conrad Parks, Charlotte Blythe, Isobel Hart, Tom Hadingham, Sultan Abudusaimaiti and Calvin Chen and together they battled their way through each of the rounds working alongside mentor Julie Brown in the third round.

At the final students acted in the role of a chartered accountant company and advised a business on their strategy needed to increase market share.  They were given huge amounts of data and information to work through and analyse before having to put together a 4 minutes presentation followed by questions from the panel of judges.

The students were awarded with the Business integrity prize as it was felt that of all the teams their proposals reflected a responsibility to their customers and to the public. They were able to take into account the impact their decisions would make on all stakeholders.

A fantastic achievement from all those involved.