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Becca: "The teachers were really supportive"

Becca Dunstan gained 11 A*  and 9s at GCSE

Like her twin sister Jenny, Becca  gained 11 A* and 9s in her GCSEs. Becca was nervous.

"I am in shock. I don't believe it."

Becca will study Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychology. She is looking forward to more independence and studying subjects more in depth.

Image of student  of CLFS GCSE Results 2018

"The teaching staff were really supportive. I stressed a lot and the teachers tried to de-stress me. They kept telling me it'll be alright."

Becca suggests next year's candidates start doing their notes earl.

"You need your notes for the main revision, so do them early. Practice is more important than notes."

Becca's highlight was the French Exchange.

"It was a new environment. It wasn't just good for French, but also good for confidence." 

Image of students with their GCSE results

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