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BEST Society: Global pandemic and the Economic Climate

BEST Society enjoys lecture from Investment banker and Old Free Andrew Lister on the current economic climate caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Investment banker and Old Free Andrew Lister was welcomed back to Freemen’s to give a talk to the BEST Society on the current economic climate caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Andrew joined Freemen’s in 1990, and he is currently a Senior Investment Manager within Aberdeen Standards Investments.

In the virtual Teams meeting, Andrew offered his thoughts on the future of the global economy from an investment point of view, with particular emphasis on the stock market and developing countries, which gave the Society an insight into what investors are expecting to see going into 2021 and onwards. Andrew’s presentation covered topics such as stock valuation, ethical investing, and government response to the economic downturn.

This thought-provoking talk was followed by a Q&A session, where the Society had the opportunity to present questions to Andrew. The questions were wide ranging, from the growing dominance of the Chinese Yuan to the future of income inequality, which showed a deep understanding by the Lower and Upper Sixth of the unprecedented economic environment which we are currently experiencing.

The BEST Society compliments the Economics and Business A-Level courses by providing a forum for discussion, encouraging students to develop their wider awareness of current economic affairs. The Society is one of the most popular academic co-curricular options for the Lower Sixth, and is run by the students. Future meetings include presentations from Old Free and Cambridge student Mark Wang on how to make a competitive university application, and local MP and former Cabinet minister Chris Grayling who will lead a discussion on the role of the government in the economy, which is particularly relevant given the current economic situation.

Huge thank you to Andrew Lister for once again providing the BEST Society with such an advanced and insightful presentation to our students.

Fawzi (L6, Chairman of the BEST Society).

For further information on the BEST society or to give a future talk to students please contact Mrs Justine Marvin Head of Economics and Business

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash