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BEST Society

BEST Society  - Mark Wang and David Liang - Studying Economics and Management Science at University

This week students of the BEST society welcomed two former Freemen’s students Mark Wang and David Liang to talk on ‘Studying Economics and Management Science at University’ 

Mark is currently in his second year at LSE studying pure Economics. He spoke about his experience of applying for university and included an honest overview of the most important parts of the application process. He then explained the structure of his course and what he experienced during his first year at university.

David left Freemen’s last year and is enjoying his first year at UCL studying a relatively new course, Management Science. David gave a detailed outline of the challenges he has faced during his first term, along with the rewards and benefits of a course he is clearly enjoying, with 20 contact hours a week and intensive projects with many key London firms.

Both Mark and David gave excellent presentations and really were fantastic role models for the current L6 to hear.