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BEST Student presentations

BEST (Business and Economics Society Talks)

Picture of Conrad presenting on unicorn compniesThis week saw the first of the BEST student presentations as we welcomed Lower 6 students Conrad Parks and Calvin Chen to speak. Talks were well attended by a number of students in both the Upper and Lower Sixth.

Conrad introduced Students to the concept of ‘Unicorn Companies’ which are privately owned startup companies with a value of over $1 billion, the most well-known being perhaps Uber, he described them as rare, aspirational and magical and discussed the rapid growth of such companies across the world.

picture of Calvin discussing BitcoinsCalvin followed Conrad with a talk on Bitcoins, this talk provided some fascinating information on the history of the Bitcoin as well as reference to other digital currencies. Students were enlightened on the investment opportunities had they invested £1 in 1 Bitcoin it would now be worth over £6,000.