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Bethan Moncur: "I owe it all to the teachers" 

Bethan Moncur gained Four A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, as well as a BTEC Certificate in Understanding Sports Performance and a BTEC Certificate in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance.

"It has not really sunk in," explained Bethan not longer after receiving her incredible results. "I am a little overwhelmed."

Bethan has now secured a place at Newnham College, Cambridge University to study Engineering.

"I am really scared, but excited," says Bethan about her move to university. "I have been at Freemen's since Form 1, so I am nervous. It will be a big change."

While the last two years were a lot of hard work and went "really fast",  Bethan credits the teaching staff for getting her through:

"The teachers are amazing. They keep you calm and are so supportive. If you need help, there are always teachers there."

Bethan Moncur achieves 4 A* at Freemen's

Bethan particularly struggled with maintaining her confidence: "it is hard to stay confident in your ability and not to doubt yourself, but the teachers made me believe that I could achieve anything I want to achieve. I owe it all to the teachers".

Bethan offers similar advice to the new Sixth Form: "do not doubt yourself. Stay calm. Seek advice if you need any. Do not be afraid to talk to teachers."

After 11 years at Freemen's, Bethan enjoys the Freemen's atmosphere: "it would have been such different experience somewhere else. I have to wonder if I would even be here if I went somewhere else. Everyone is so supportive: pupils, teachers, everyone."

Bethan sums up Freemen's simply: "it is friendly and supportive, but it pushes you to achieve".