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Student blog #1

Sixth former Tom Turner writes about the Student Council

Sophie Stoakes (L6) is the chairwoman for the rebranded and launched student council, which has been open in full force this academic year. She has fervently opened discussion on all matters ranging from dress code to the lunch hall, and along with around twenty delegates – branching from U4 to U6 – she is working in order to ensure that school pupils have their voices heard.

After her strong attendance at last year’s student council, Sophie has been keen to propel the status of the group. When asked about its capabilities, she spoke of how the council “represents a channel that allows students to have a voice in making their school a better place”. She also explained about how it has authority to spend a kindly given grant from the FSA for appropriate student needs.

Regarding the precedent set by the student council already in this brief period of time, Sophie explained, “So far the meetings have been great! The delegates came to the first meeting with lots of suggestions and ideas from their peers, from which we were able to discuss and come up with possible solutions”. Along with the rest of the delegates, Sophie is looking forward to the gaining momentum of the council, and it’s growing credibility for the future.