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Headmaster's blog: Parlez vous …

Sprechen Sie … Habla … 你会说 … spreek je … la oe e olelo aku ai … あなたは話せますか … tu parli? (With thanks to Google translate …)

Something I maintain...

Many a parent or student will have heard me proclaim the virtues of keeping a language up. When students are reaching academic crossroads and unsure of what options to take forward, if they are capable, I will, time after time, recommend that they continue to study a foreign language. 

It may be a seemingly odd recommendation for someone whose career has been grounded in studying and teaching the nuances of his mother tongue. My aptitude for languages at school was limited - certainly a regret.

Admittedly, I don’t think I wanted to learn a language enough as a child, and there were obstacles. French foxed me, I’m afraid, the spelling was too irregular for someone - to cite Milne - whose spelling was ‘wobbly’; Latin was a little easier to learn, easier to master once you knew the rules; but I still lament not being fluent in another language. 

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