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Humans of Freemen's: Jenny

Jenny, a cleaner at Freemen's for nearly 30 years, retired recently. 

I joined Freemen’s in September 1987. It has definitely changed a lot. It is most beautiful now. It is a very, very happy place. It is like a community: the housekeeping workers, the catering and everybody. I've been friends with some of them since I was a teenager! One time, about 15 years ago, I was serving teas on the Pavilion for a charity cricket match between TV stars and ex professionals. As I was walking from Main House, holding  tray of cakes, I felt a whack on the side of my head. It was an explosion on the side of my head. I had been hit by a cricket ball. Pete Waterman asked me if I was ok. I was still holding my tray of cakes. Then I saw the blood. They stopped the match, called an ambulance and they wrapped my head in a  giant tablecloth. I was so lucky, but everybody laughs about it now.

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