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Charity Cricket Match

Join us for a charity cricket match against Lashings All Stars. 

Some of the greatest names in cricket will be coming to City of London Freemen's school in Ashtead Park on 28th July 2017 for a Charity Cricket Match against the Freemen's XI. 

This  event will raise money for some of Surrey's most respected charities: The Admiral Trust, The Worshipful Company of Constructors, St George's Kidney Patient Association and Uptown UK.

The day starts at 11:30am with nets training for 60 Freemen's students, followed at 12:45pm with a superb three course lunch and charity auction in the private marquee. The cricket match between Lashings All Stars and the Freemen's XI starts at 4pm.  


Join us for the match itself or enjoy a superb three course lunch with a member of Lashings All Stars team or legendary test match commentator Henry Blofeld. 

Tickets Price (£)
Cricket Match Ticket (Adult) 10.00
Cricket Match Ticket (Child & Concessions) 5.00
Lunch ticket 65.00
Table of 10 for lunch 600.00
Table of 9 plus a Lashings Player 700.00
Table of 9 plus Henry Blofeld 1,200.00

Click on the button below to book through the Admiral Trust website:

Nets Session with Lashings Players

The event organisers have kindly offered us 60 spaces for Freemen's students to have training sessions in the cricket nets at 11:30am on 28th July 2017. As places are limited, they will be available on a first come first served basis, but to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to apply, we will not open the ordering system until 4pm on Tuesday 4th July. To be eligible to apply for one of the slots, parents will need to also purchase an adult ticket (£10) and child ticket (£5) for the event itself (book above).

Bookings for these sessions are now closed. if you would like your child to attend, pelase call 01372 822444.


There is also the opportunity for you, your business or your club to be involved  in this major local sporting occasion. There are sponsorship packages to suit every budget from sponsoring the whole event to wickets caught, which will not only help raise your profile with the those that attend the day, but such a big event is likely to attract a lot of social media attention as well as interest from other media.

To find how you can sponsor the event, click on the button below:


By attending this thrilling event, you will not only enjoy a tremendous day of cricket, your support will help the following chairities continue their vital work:

The Admiral trust

The Admiral TrustThe Admiral Trust is a charitable trust, established in January 2012, which aims to provide resources, encouragement and support to those in need. We’re not just any Trust though. We are there for our Friends. Any Friend can ask us for help and support with any cause they are working towards, no matter how big or small. Whatever we can do, we will. The Trust was founded in January 2012 by Terry Withers, Managing Director of Admiral Scaffolding and Roy Anklesaria, Managing Director of the Affordable Services Group with the stated aim to give back to the community of which they were a part. As the board looked to expand and diversify, Beth Withers was also invited to be a Trustee. The three Trustees continue to look for public spirited and dynamic individuals to join them on the Board, in order to make The Admiral Trust a success. No cause is too big or too small. All of us feel that anything that makes even one person’s life just a little bit better is worth doing.

For more information on the work of The Admiral Trust, go to their website:

The Worshipful company of constructors 

Worshipful Company of Constructors CrestThe Worshipful Company of Constructors is the 99th Livery Company in the City of London.  Ian Mason is this year’s  Master and he along with the Wardens raise funds for the Master and Wardens’ Charitable Endeavour.

The Company was founded by members in 1976 being granted Livery by The Court of Aldermen in 1990.  The Company continued to prosper and in recent times was granted a Royal Charter of Incorporation by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in 2010. They continue to set industry standards, most of their Liverymen are Chartered Members of their respective professional institutes; many are in leading positions within the wider industry. They seek always to pass this experience on to those who follow in their careers.

The Constructors Company continues to support Awards and Scholarships in The Industry including substantial research and travel awards to young persons.

For more information on the Worshipful Company of Constructors, go to their website:

St George’s Kidney Patient Association

St George's Kidney Patient Association is a charitable organisation St George's Kidney Patient Association made up of and trying to improve the lives and facilities offered to St George's Hospital Trust Renal patients.

The main things we do are, we:

  • Raise money for the renal unit by organising events.
  • Work closely with the staff making suggestions, taking up complaints on behalf of patients and improving communications.
  • Take part in discussions on future policy and plans with various management boards of the Trust and the wider NHS outside the hospital.
  • Fund vital equipment for the staff to work with, without which we would fall behind other hospitals.

For more information on how St George's Kidney Patient Association support renal patients, go to their website:

Uptown uk 

Uptown UK LogoUPTOWN UK is a small charity that provides support to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as young carers and those with disabilities.  Young people are referred to UPTOWN through a variety of channels including social care and the police:  they may be young carers or be youths who are in care, or youths who are on the radar screen due to anti-social behaviour, involvement in gang culture or poor educational attendance and achievement. UPTOWN operates within the borough of Merton in South London with most of the youths coming from Mitcham and South Wimbledon.

Within a youth club environment, hosted in a local community centre, UPTOWN provides a safe venue to get young people off the streets, to meet with friends, play pool and partake in activities such as  music, dance and drama, sports, and arts and craft and has also provided homework support: offering a quiet room, access to computers, internet and printers.  Youths with physical and or learning difficulties are fully included in the youth club and encouraged to develop their social skills and make new friends.

The core philosophy of UPTOWN has been to provide mentoring to the youths – providing them with positive role models and helping them to ‘see another way’ and make better life choices.  UPTOWN arrange speakers to talk about personal experiences for example youths who have benefited from UPTOWN services; ex-offenders talking about life in prison; or parents who have had kids killed as a result of knife crime.  Workshops are hosted covering areas such as: budgeting, health, cooking, drugs ,alcohol, domestic violence, mental health, bullying and anger management   UPTOWN also provides Red Cross First Aid training tailored to specific issues such as knife crime.

An integral part of the support offered is encouraging education and training and helping in the building of CVs:  youths who are having difficulty at school are supported through one to one mentoring to support their individual attendance or issues they are having with behaviour, bullying, home life etc. The older children are tracked to make sure they have secured education, training or employment placements and the younger children are supported and peer mentored through their transition into secondary school.

From its inception 20 years ago UPTOWN was majority funded by Merton Council but unfortunately last year all funding for this type of youth service was cut.  As a result, UPTOWN has had to reduce the services it is able to offer with resultant negative impacts being observed by the police and in the wider community.  UPTOWN is actively working to increase its funding base via charitable grants to try and reinstate the services to its previous levels.

Any support you can offer in making donations to UPTOWN would be gratefully received and will directly benefit and help the lives of these vulnerable young people.

City of London Freemen's School

City of London Freemen’s School is a co-educational day and boarding school for pupils aged 7-18 years old. We want children at Freemen’s to learn, to lead and to make a difference.

It’s a myth that independent schools don’t need to fundraise. At Freemen’s we strive to keep fees at a minimum and whilst these pay for the everyday running costs of the School, they don’t fund bursaries or the ambitious development plans for the future. Unlike a number of schools, we do not have a large endowment or capital reserves that we can draw upon to fund these and so we rely on philanthropic contributions from former students and staff, past and present parents and others who recognise the value of the educational experience we provide here at Freemen’s.

Established in 1854, Freemen’s was funded by the City of London Corporation to provide an education for orphans of the Freemen of the City. We are proud that these philanthropic roots still exist at the heart of our school. At present, Freemen’s is focused on fundraising for two key fundraising areas: to increase the provision of bursaries and for the funding of our Master Plan.

For more informtion, click here.