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Charlotte Cheng-Whitehead: "Freemen's is a family"

Charlotte Cheng-Whitehead secured straight A* in her GCSEs

"Family, warm and motivational" are the words Charlotte Cheng-Whitehead when asked to describe Freemen's.

Charlotte is a little overwhelmed by her impressive GCSE results, but admits that she would have been upset if they had not been as good.

Like many of her cohort, balancing her time has been one of the key challenges for Charlotte, who managed to secure these excellent results, whilst continuing to play hockey and studying Cello.

"You have to be careful what you put in your plan for the day," she explains. "It is easy to procrastinate."

Charlotte Cheng-Whitehead celebrates straight A* at GCSE

She has sage advice for next year's group of GCSE students too. "Revise early enough, but not too early that you burn out," she warns. "Revise using your notes for the mocks, but then revise using practice papers for the exams."

Charlotte's highlights have been results day as "everyone is happy" and Prom. 

"It was the end of GCSEs, everyone looked lovely and the teachers were relaxed, because there was nothing more anyone could do," she adds. 

Charlotte, who joined in Year 7, will stay at Freemen's for A Levels and is excited about studying English Literature, Chemistry and Mathematics.