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Classics is the study of the culture of the societies of the ancient Greeks and Romans

We teach Latin across the Junior and Senior School at Freemen’s. The teaching of Latin in the Junior School has been very popular. All pupils study CyberCaesar, an online course developed by the Department, to guide pupils gently through all the different parts of the language, allowing them to complete their exercises on the internet and get instant feedback. Junior pupils study one major project a year on Roman society or Greek mythology.

In the Upper School, pupils studying Latin at GCSE have achieved some of the highest grades in the school; on average, 84% of pupils have attained the highest grade possible at GCSE. In the Sixth Form, Latin is becoming an increasingly popular A-level choice. 

The classical world is fascinating in its own right and the subject is universally considered one of the most challenging and stimulating in academia.

The department runs many activities, including Greek Club, invites guest speakers, enters regional and national competitions and runs its own events. We are also seeking to embark upon more trips, both nationally and abroad.