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Computing is fast becoming an essential life skill for everyone.

With applications in all professions from academia and business to the creative industries and website management, computing is fast becoming an essential life skill for everyone.  We aim to ensure that all pupils experience the wide range of concepts and technologies encompassed by this exciting and fast moving subject.

Computing in the Junior School

All pupils study Computing at key stages 2 and 3 where they learn to program in at least two different text based coding languages in addition to block programming a BBC micro:bit.  They also study how computers work including hardware, software and the details of how computers store data from numbers, through text and images to sound and video. From a business perspective, pupils learn how to use spreadsheets to create computer models and how to both create and interrogate databases. From a creative perspective, pupils learn how to create animations, create and edit webpages using HTML and CSS and generate computer games using specialist software.

Senior School focus

Computer Science is a popular option at GCSE. Students learn to program using Python in much greater depth so that by the end of the course they are able to complete a 20 hour project designing and implementing a solution to a real-world challenge. They also look in greater depth at how computers work, computer networks and the security issues associated with them, databases and the impact of computers on the environment and society,

Computer Science is also available at A level for those students who wish to pursue their passion for this subject. This course focusses on developing the students’ ability to think about algorithms (the way to solve a problem) as well as expanding their knowledge of the many facets of this subject. Many students go on to study a Computer Science related subject at university but A level Computer Science is also highly regarded as a supporting subject for other disciplines. In recent years, we have had students go on to study Economics at London School of Economics and Management at Kings College, London.