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Digital Natives

The aim of Digital Natives is to develop student confidence and skills, for succeeding in the digital world, during their studies at Freemen’s and later on in life.

The digital world is developing fast and is only going to bring more opportunities to use technology in a practical way that will no doubt dictate the way in which we live and work.
It is vital that we provide students with the skills, experience and opportunities to reflect on their digital footprint, and develop the essential skills they will need on their digital pathway.
It is becoming more common for students in Higher Education to work online to research, engage in forums, collaborate and submit work and assignments. This course will provide students with improving digital literacy by providing resources through the ‘cloud’. We aim for this course to be completely paperless such that all resources can be accessed at ease in School and at home.
Each student will undertake a number of activities in range of digital topics. These include the use of a range of software tools, such as the completion of Microsoft courses; writing code through Apple applications; becoming immersed within the augmented and virtual world; as well preparing students for future academic pathways in IT and computing.
Above all, every student’s digital well-being is at the forefront of planning; students are taught to stay safe online.
  • Develop our students to become discerning users of IT;
  • Ensure students are digitally dexterous;
  • Prepare students for the modern dynamic world;
  • Provide students with the skills and expertise to thrive at KS4, KS5, university and future careers;
  • Offer opportunities to apply digital skills to different contexts;
  • Develop the confidence to decide what digital approach is right for any given task or scenario;
  • Understand how the digital world is changing and the opportunities and challenges this bring.