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Discover Freemen's: The Junior School

The Junior School at Freemen’s offers a range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom where every pupil feels motivated to discover his or her own particular talents.

Being co-educational doesn’t just mean that the 400 Junior School pupils are divided 50:50 between boys and girls. We are passionate about co-education and encourage all our pupils, whatever their skills and interests, to participate fully in school life. Boys and girls co-exist and flourish as they have done since the School’s foundation, enthused by a highly-skilled and passionate team of staff, enhanced by the quality of the pastoral care and extended by the wide-ranging extra-curricular activities on offer. All of these factors contribute significantly to the all-round excellent standards achieved by so many of our pupils.

There is one very practical benefit of joining the Junior School – when it comes to moving into the Upper School there are no additional examinations and no requirement to complete the Common Entrance tests. By the time pupils have moved through the Junior School we know them well, there is no need for further exams. The pupils also know what will be expected of them and so we have the confidence that they will go on to enhance the excellent record of academic success enjoyed by the Upper School and Sixth Form.

In the Junior School there is an air of purpose, and a warm relationship between the children and adults. This is what most strikes our visitors. It is this harmonious atmosphere that feeds into our belief that if children are happy and confident, they will learn happily and confidently, and ultimately make a success of themselves and develop into a fully-rounded person. The pupils in the Junior School are happy but they are also articulate, engaging, courteous, caring individuals who are developing their self-confidence.