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Downloadable Calendar

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online calendar and are working to fix this as soon as possible. For up-to-date Sports Fixtures please click HERE.


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Your quick guide on how to use the website calendar.


You are able to filter this calendar by clicking on the Calendars button on the top right of the full calendar. You can then check or uncheck as many boxes as are relevant to you and your family.

Detailed List

By clicking on the Month box, you can see a more detailed list of what is happening per day.


You can also now  Print the calendar by clicking on the Print box. Once you click, you will be asked how much you want to print eg current month, current academic year or you can select a date range.


The Subscribe box allows you to link to the calendar to your own calendar. Click on the Subscribe box and then following the instructions depending on the device you want to link. For example, if you have an IPhone, choose the iOS section and click on the link.


Finally, there is also an App, which you can use on your phone to get all the latest news, dates and images. Click here to find out how to add to your phone.


We have managed to link the sports calendar to the main calendar on the website. Unfortunately, the system does not at the moment allow you to click on the links to team sheets and fixtures. We are working with the web developers to find a quick solution. In the meantime, there is a fixtures button at the top of every page for you to get the latest information.