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Co-Curricular Opportunities

Trips and Visits

Students have the opportunity to take part in a number of trips and visits in both Business and Economics. Over the last few years we have visited:

  • HM Treasury
  • The Museum of Brands
  • The Bank of England
  • Jefferies Investment Bank
  • Chelsea Football Club                               
  • The Money Gallery
  • The Metals Exchange
  • Economics in Action Student Conference

Economic Talks

Our proximity to London offers the chance to attend some fascinating lectures such as those at the LSE, the annual RES lecture and the Tacitus lecture, hearing some of the world’s greatest economists and commentators on a wide variety of topics.

2018 RES Annual Lecture What Economists really do. Oriana Bandiera   

2017 RES Annual Lecture Why commit crime? Professor Stephen Machin

2016 RES Annual Lecture  In search of the Perfect Match. Philipp Kercher

2015 RES Annual Lecture  Does Starbucks pay enough tax? Professor Rachel Griffith

2019 Tacitus Lecture  - The financial sector – redefining a broader sense of purpose Christine Lagarde MD of the IMF

2018 Tacitus Lecture Will AI displace or Enhance our work? By Dr Nathan Myhrvold

2017 Tacitus Lecture The World is our Oyster. Sir Simon Fraser

2016 Tacitus Lecture New International Monetary System in a new world order. Sir Paul Tucker

In the last academic year all of the Lower 6 Economists attended Economics in Action, speakers included: Jim O’Neill, Stephen King and Tim Harvard. Freemen’s joined with other City Schools for the annual Economics Conference hosted by the City where speakers Ian Steward and Gemma Tetlow presented and the Lower 6 Economists and Business students attended the RGS conference.

Extended Essay and External Competitions

All lower 6 Economists will submit an entry to either the RES or the LSE Economics annual essay competitions.

Students across the senior school and Sixth Form take part in the Young Investor challenge

The L6 Business students take part in the BASE competition

BEST Society

The Business and Economics Speaker Society welcomes guest speakers, from Chris Grayling and Nigel Farage to parents and past pupils who discuss their careers in the City and business. Students have the opportunity to attend these talks, and to become involved in running the Society. With so many students completing EPQs in Business or Economics related subjects many students will present at meetings.

The BEST Society encourages students to think about Economics beyond the classroom and is now running on a fortnightly basis, giving students the opportunity to discuss current issue in the news, listen to guest speakers or taking part in Economics and Business quizzes.