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BEST Society - The Economics of Health

BEST Society - The Economics of Health, Dr Vivek Muthu 7th May 2019

BEST society was delighted to welcome Dr Vivek Muthu, a parent of a pupils at Freemen’s, to discuss the link between Health Care and Economics. As such we had a mix of both Economists, Business Students and future Medics in attendance.  Mr Muthu is a medical doctor by training but moved into health policy and health economics, setting up his own business in this field which he later sold to the Economist group. Mr Muthu is currently involved in global health policy.

Despite what politicians might have us believe, an increase in healthcare spending is not the answer to the problems faced by the NHS. Dr Muthu’s presentation looked at the link between increased spending on Healthcare and the outcome. Linking to the USA Economy students were surprised to learn that the USA with the highest spending per capita is actually achieving negative results and a reduced outcome as a result of their spend.

If countries can improve the efficiency of their spending it is possible to bend the curve currently being experienced.

As with all BEST talks there is never enough time so Mr Muthu has promised to come back and speak to students on the business side of his career.