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Freemen's English Teacher Published by EMC

Mrs Unsworth-Hughes has recently been published for a third time in EMC’s E Magazine.

EMC (The English and Media Centre) is an independent educational charity with a national and international reputation as a Centre of Excellence. EMC are publishers of award-winning publications and produce quarterly magazines for A Level English Language, Literature, Media and Film Studies. 

The article, featured in February’s edition of E Magazine, is called 'Bring forth more islands': The Island Motif in The Tempest and explores the reasons why readers are drawn to ‘island literature’, considering in particular Shakespeare’s The Tempest and its contexts.

This article is particularly relevant to Freemen’s Lower 6 English students, who are currently studying The Tempest, as it is an opportunity for them to study an example of literary criticism - they have each been issued with a copy of the article.

To view the article online, please visit