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Emily: "It has been such a privilege"

Emily gained 4 A* in Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Philosophy.

Emily feels amazing.  "I  am very relieved especially about Philosophy as it is an essay subject which is very subjective. I was nervous," she admits. The nerves have now gone and she is excited about going to Oxford to study Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.

"It sounds nerdy, but I love learning. I am excited to be going to a place of rigorous learning, where the staff and students are passionate about what they are doing. I am lucky to have found a course to match my passions and that suits me."

Image of Freemen's Students with 4 A* at A Level 2018

It will be a big change for Emily who has been at Freemen's since Form 1.  She will miss the community at Freemen's  and the "massive sense of camaraderie the Sixth Form share" now that she has left. 

"I was really lucky at A Levels that we had such small classes. it was almost like one-to-one teaching. The teachers are available at lunch time, in the mornings before school and after school to help you through the exams. You can give in an essay in a last minute panic before an exam and the teachers will be there. The teachers are so for you. it is very reassuring."

Emily's advice for next year's Sixth Form, like many of her cohort, is to "be prepared and start early."

"I was so thankful  to have my notes done so early, especially for philosophy revision."

She also advises structuring your time carefully, so that although you have a lot to do, you know it will get done. Emily is a fan of excel and recommends creating a spreadsheet to manage revision.

These organisation skills have helped Emily feel ready for life after Freemen's. 

"The last two years in Sixth Form have helped grow my independence in learning. The teachers are more like tutors. You are not spoon-fed, which is what I will need at Oxford and for life beyond. I also learnt a lot about leadership as Head Girl in practical ways like giving speeches and being organised."

Picture of Head Girl and Head Boy A level Results Freemen's 2018

Emily has enjoyed being Head Girl.

"It is such a privilege and just amazing. There is the flash stuff like the events, but it has been so wonderful to serve the school and to have so much opportunity to give back."

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