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The English Department aims to cultivate lifelong enjoyment in literature amongst Freemen’s students.

We seek to engage students in independent learning, whilst promoting academic rigour. English is taught from Year 3 to the Sixth Form and over the course of these years many different aspects of language and literature are taught; in recent years texts studied at higher levels have included Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ and a range of modern texts written post-2000.

Across Key Stages 3 and 4 we ensure that pupils are exposed to a wide range of literature, so they can appreciate meaning, viewpoint, culture, identity and the beauty of language. We believe that creativity is an important element for appreciating literature, and allow pupils opportunities to express themselves.

As a department we are keen to ensure students realise English is much more than an academic subject. We work closely with the library staff in order to introduce and promote new texts to all students aged 7-18, and also run events such as story teller days, theatre trips, author experiences and World Book Day celebrations. For the younger years we have recently welcomed visiting theatre workgroups and participated in the Greenaway Picture Book evaluation.

English beyond the classroom

For pupils in the Upper School and Sixth Form we host a Literary Society which meets termly. Recent events include ‘The Jazz Age’, ‘Love and Hate’ and ‘Red’. The fun meetings include readings, performances, prizes and themed food. Pupils are also encouraged to join the Debating Society, participating in workshops, friendly debates, House competitions and national debating competitions.