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Public Examinations

A large number of public examinations take place throughout the school year, including GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2,  STEP and AEA exams.

The following information will assist in the smooth running of these important examinations. Should you have any queries please email or telephone 01372 822495.

Enquiries about results

Below are the relevant forms you may require to process a review of marking or to gain a copy script.

Notices from Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)

Important Information from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).  Please click on the relevant Notice.

New Policies in Examinations

Mobile phones 

Mobile telephones cannot be taken into the Sports Hall or any other examination venue during public examinations. In addition, mobiles should not be left in bags in the reception area at the Sports Hall or any other examination venue.  This also applies to mock examinations.

Students should leave mobiles in their lockers. If this is not possible they can be left at Haywood Reception. Mobiles left at reception will be locked away and should be retrieved at the end of the examination. Uncollected mobiles will be locked away until the next day. 

Please be aware that Reception shuts at 4.45pm and, if an examination finishes after Reception has closed, mobiles cannot be collected that day. 


From September 2021, JCQ regulations now state that candidates must not be wearing or have in their possession a watch of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions about examinations at Freemen’s

Where are the examinations held?

Written examinations are usually held in the Sports Hall in one of the available rooms. If an examination is not held in the Sports Hall (ie orals, practicals etc) students will be notified by their subject teacher where these will be held.

What time do the examinations start?

9.15am in the morning and 2.00pm in the afternoon. Students need to be at the Sports Hall at least 15 minutes before these times as that is when they are called in. Those students with extra time will have the time added to the end of their exams.

What happens if I am feeling unwell on the day of an examination?

If at all possible, it is better to come into school to sit the examination. We can make special arrangements should this be necessary but a telephone call to the Examinations Office (on 01372 822495) must be made as early as possible. If there is no-one in the office please call the Headmaster’s office on 01372 822426.  Please ensure you speak to a member of staff and not just leave a message.

What happens if I am late for an examination?

Come in anyway as quickly and safely as possible and we can make arrangements for you to sit the exam. The examination board will decide whether or not they will accept and mark the paper.

What should I do if I have an examination clash?

As soon as you discover this, you must inform the Examinations Office in Main House who will discuss your timetable with you. You are expected to sit all examinations on the same day that they are timetabled unless you exceed the time allocation set down by JCQ.

What should I do if I use a laptop?

You will be called in with all the other students and asked to sit at the back of the hall for each exam you take, whether you use the laptop or not.

What should I bring to an examination?

You must have a clear pencil case. Pencils, black pens, a rubber and ruler and any subject specific material ie a calculator, protractor, any texts books in an open book exam etc. Water bottles must be clear without any markings or measurements on them, any labels must have been removed. Please also memorise your candidate number, this can be found on your board entry statements. 

Can my son/daughter sit a language examination outside the curriculum?

Please see our attached policy below.