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Excellent Teacher Programme

About the programme

The aim of the Excellent Teacher Programme is to ensure that all NQTs complete the required period of induction in line with the arrangements stipulated by IStip so that they will become fully qualified to teach in both the independent and state maintained sectors.


The first years of teaching are not only demanding but also of considerable significance in the professional development of a new teacher. The process at Freemen’s ensures appropriate guidance, support and training so that skills, knowledge and confidence are all developed through a structured programme delivered by the School and underpinned by IStip (Independent Schools Teacher Induction Programme). Train Freemen’s offers a highly supportive, tailored NQT programme that runs alongside each teacher’s school-based teaching role, dedicating extra time to their development.

Teachers on the programme will receive guidance, support and mentoring from a subject mentor, as well as the NQT Coordinator, who will observe Teachers regularly, giving feedback and helping plan lessons. They will give teachers a small target each week, which will work towards their medium and long term goals, alongside their assessment points throughout the year.

The aim of the Excellent Teacher Programme is to ensure that all NQTs complete the required period of induction in line with the arrangements stipulated by IStip so that they will become fully qualified to teach in both the independent and state-maintained sectors.


The NQT+1 programme targets second year teachers who are aiming to become consistently excellent practitioners. The focus of the programme is on consolidating practice developed during the first year of teaching and introducing leadership skills. The core aim of the programme is to continue to provide an element of support and networking opportunities to develop consistently excellent learning and teaching. In addition, the aim is to introduce leadership skills to support teachers as they progress further in their careers. The year long programme combines group training and individual practice, to make sure teachers have the tools to become an expert in getting the best out of their students.

Each half -term teachers will complete sessions with a different training focus. They are delivered through face-to-face taught sessions either on a 1-1 or group basis

Teachers will: 

  • Develop their professional practice and skills in delivering to a wide range of classes and students;
  • Develop strategies for managing an increased workload; 
  • Build networks with teachers new to the profession and other schools;
  • Share effective practice;
  • Work with other colleagues to prepare to develop resources and deliver lessons;
  • Complete an action research project;
  • Observe colleagues in other settings;
  • Prepare for additional responsibilities.

The Freemen’s Excellent Teacher Programme provides a pathway for NQT+1s to gain further experience and training to support practice in the classroom and throughout the school. It recognises and rewards the expertise teachers have built up early in their career and these skills should start to support and improve teaching and learning in the school community by sharing skills with other classroom teachers, and take on roles which go beyond what would normally be expected of all classroom teachers.

Requirements to join:

  • A UK Honours degree, 2:2 or above or equivalent from a reputable University in a degree related to the teaching vacancy to which you are applying;
  • GCSE Maths and English, Grade B/level 6 or above. Primary trainees they must also have Science Grade B/6 or above;
  • Any overseas qualifications must be certified by NARIC to confirm equivalency to the above;
  • Achieved QTS.



  • The statutory induction arrangements enable all NQTs to be provided with support in the first year of teaching, in order to build a firm foundation for their professional career and development;
  • Help for teachers to become successful practitioners, by offering personalised support and guidance through the first year of their new teaching career;
  • A 10% reduction in teaching timetables in order for teachers to develop skills out of the classroom. This is in addition to the 10% planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time;
  • Support from an Induction Tutor/Mentor;
  • Reviews on progress, together with formal meetings each term.


  • Set goals and aspirations for each teacher’s career, identify steps and provide the training needed in order to be successful;
  • Develop the leadership skills required to take on middle leadership roles;
  • Gain whole school experience through the completion of research projects and running whole school initiatives.