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Firework Night a Fantastic Success

Last week’s Freemen’s Fireworks was a fantastic event enjoyed by over 1,260 people of the Freemen’s Community.

The new format centred around the dining hall, courtyard and Junior School hall, kept people in close proximity to each other and in turn created a real buzz and vibrant atmosphere among parents, friends, children and staff who could all see and converse with each other.

Sodexo worked hard and quickly to serve delicious food in a timely manner and the desserts and face painting in the Junior School Hall provided an additional warm environment to socialise on a chilly night.

Lighting on the field avoided lost children and allowed them to run around freely and safely and the switching off the lights for the countdown, created a sea of ‘ooh’s and ah’s’ from the crowd who were then entertained with a 20 minute + magnificent display! What a night!

Thank you to all of those who supported the evening and to all the FSA members and Prefects who helped to make the night a success! A huge thank you to Marsha Preuveneers and her team for all their hard work in preparing for the evening and ensuring everything worked smoothly. We are also very grateful to Sodexo who fed everyone on a tight schedule and all the school staff who supported the event.

Photo Credit: Thank you to Karim Shabankereh for the photographs of the fireworks.