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Application for Instrumental Lessons

NB Pupils in the First Form and Lower 2 wishing to take singing lessons will have a short voice trial to
assess whether they are ready to commence lessons.

All instrumental lessons take place during academic lessons, lunch and break periods and games
lessons, working on a system of rotation.
Only Sixth Form may have lessons fixed in free periods.

Charges for Instrumental Lessons are added to the School Bill in the term after tuition has been given. Please do not include a remittance with this form.

Termination of lessons - The City of London Freemen’s School requires at least one term’s notice in writing to the Music Department Administrator, by the advertised deadline date on the school website. As the School is committed by contract with the music teacher to give notice of changes in their agreed teaching days and lessons, insufficient notice of withdrawals from individual instrumental music tuition necessitates the charging of music fees in lieu of notice. Please send written notification of your wish to terminate lessons to the Director of Music.

Please note the school’s charging policy for missed lessons.