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Food choice*

I understand that the nature of cadet training involves some implied risk, which I entrust the staff empowered to deliver the activities to be keep as low as reasonably practicable. I am aware that they will participate in physically arduous activities which include running, jumping and climbing.

Furthermore, I am aware that it is my duty and recognise the importance of advising the CCF of any medical condition and any medication which they may have been prescribed, that may affect my child's involvement in such activities.

School Medical Records are up to date*

*If you have answered NO to this statement, please notify the school immediately of any changes to be made. In the interim please add any relevant information in the 'Additional medical information' box below. The CCF will not be held responsible for updating your child's school medical record, you must do this. Any details supplied on this form, will be used for the duration of this activity only.

I consent to my child being given emergency medical treatment as deemed necessary by a competent medical practitioner, including anaesthetic and blood transfusion (any disagreements/contradictions to this statement, please specify in the 'Additional medical information' box below).

Emergency Medical Treatment*

For the purposes of promoting the CCF, sometimes photographs and video are taken of cadets participating in cadet-related activities. These images may be used to promote the organisation in print, on the internet and in the media. Unless separate and specific permission has been obtained for a publication or presentation, they will not be named in any final production. Do you consent to your child appearing in photographs/video undertaking cadet related activities?

Consent to photographs/video*

The cost of the event will be £TBC. Your child may also want to bring a small amount of money with them to buy extra snacks and a drink.

I consent to paying £TBC*

I understand that my child will be under the control of a qualified member of staff at all times. I am aware that I will be responsible for any costs incurred if my child has to be returned home due to misbehaviour.

Consent to attend the event on 30 April 2020*

I/ we agree to the personal data provided above being processed for the legitimate business of City of London Freemen’s School managing Ex WOODLAND WARRIOR. I / We agree to this information being held for 8 months.

Personal Data Agreement*

We will never sell your data and we promise to keep your details safe and secure. You can change your mind at any time by emailing

For further details on how your data is used and stored please visit: