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CCF - Enrolment Form


Next of Kin (NOK)

Medical and dietary (in confidence)

To assist us in the care of your child we need to know if she/he has any problems of a physical nature or has suffered past serious injury. If this is the case, please provide details in the 'Additional information' box (further on in the form), on how this affects him/her on a daily basis. Please include any other serious condition you feel the CCF should be made aware of.

Please notify us of any medical problems which may have a substantial and long-term effect on your child's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities (please selct all that apply):

Medical condition(s)*
Dietary requirement(s)*

Cadet contact details

CCF section*

Swimming ability

Certain activities including kayaking, rafting and sailing may take place in still/or white water.

Is your child able to swim 50 metres wearing light clothing?*

Applicant's measurements (in centimetres)

Health information statement

We are requesting information on the health of your child in order to help us protect him/her and fulfil our responsibilities for his/her care when involved in CCF activities. There is no intention to ask you for sensitive medical inforamtion that you do not wish to divulge.

Your child's safety is our main concern. All CCF activities are supervised by fully qualified adult leaders. To reduce risk to your child and to enable us to protect him/her, it is ESSENTIAL we are aware of any condition that might influence his/her ability to take part safely in a wide range of physical activities. If such a condition exists, the CCF requires a medical certificate, based on your child's medical records, to be signed by his/her doctor and sent to the CCF office for their records.

It is essential you inform us of any changes in your child's medical condition or personal details, as soon as they occur, particularly changes of emergency contact details. You must also advise us if your child is prescribed medication or recieves other medical treatment and ensure that she/he has sufficient medication to last for any period that she/he is away from home.

For safety reasons, certain medical conditions may result in a cadet being prohibited from participating in adventurous training or other strenuous activities, even if a medical certificate has been obtained giving the family's permission.

Are you aware of any medical conditions that may influence your child's ability to safely take part in strenuous physical activity?*
Is your child currently attending a doctor or hospital?*
Is your child currently taking any medication?*
Has your child any known allergies?*
Does your child have any dietary restrictions other than those already indicated on this form?*

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, please provide further details in the 'Additional information' box below.

Medical consent

In the event of an emergency every effort will be made to contact you as soon as possible.

I hereby give permission for the Medical/Nursing Officer or Contingent Commander to approach my child's doctor or hospital consultant for further information if necessary.

Doctor's details

Parent/guardian's consent

I wish my child/dependant to be considered for membership of the CCF. I understand that as part of the syllabus she/he may participate in routine military training and other physically demanding activities including fieldcraft, shooting, expeditions and physical recreation.*
I accept that the Ministry of Defence and/or the CCF cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to items owned by cadets or their families.*
I accept that I am responsible for the replacement costs of any items of equipment and clothing loaned to the applicant which are lost or damaged.*

The CCF frequently takes photographs and videos of cadets participating in cadet related activities. These images may be used to promote the organisation in print, on the internet and in the media.

Photograph and video consent*

Annual subscription

The CCF charges an annual subscription, which is either added to your next Freemen's School term invoice or ParentPay for Glyn School. Future subscriptions will be automatically charged on your Summer/Autumn bill or via ParentPay.

I agree to pay the annual subscription of £100, charged as above*

Parent/guardian declaration

I herby declare that the information given above is correct and consent to my child joining the CCF.