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Freemen's debut of Everyman at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Freemen’s Theatre Company, as part of the City of London Freemen’s school, takes on a contemporary version of the 15th Century medieval morality play ‘Everyman’.

TicketsUnder the direction of David Lingard, the play follows the eponymous Everyman as he attempts to find a companion who will go with him on his pilgrimage to God.  Summoned, in order to give an account of his life, Everyman desperate, and with the weight of the whole of humanity on his shoulders, seeks to find one positive aspect in a life which has been filled with greed, selfishness and lust.  He searches and pursues help in the things he values most; riches, family, friends, beauty, strength and knowledge, but in the end, there is only one good deed which can help him.  

The play, which is narrated, sung and performed with slapstick humour by five undertakers, delves into the question of mortality and a man’s final day on Earth. The episodic structure allows rest bite for the audience to digest and consider their Morality. After all, there is only one certainty in life -Death.

Dates: 10th-15th August 2017 (No performance on the 13th)

Time: 12:35pm- 13:25 (50Mins)

Venue:  TheSpace @ Venue 45        Box Office: 0131 226 0000

Tickets: £8            Concessions  £6

Director: David Lingard

Cast List:

Alex Lane                                Theodore Burns                                Seb Callaghan

Olivia Wilson                           Lewis Blake                                       Mioie Kwok

Holly Hill                                  Freya Johnson                                  Deyna Grimshaw

Lauren Rees                            Natalya Robinson                             Hannah Wade

Sarah Irwin                              Mia Duncan                                       AJ Harman

Adam Coates                          Joshua Muthu                                  Josh Brady

Gezana Rai                              Jocelyn Dunne                                  Alice Brigland

Rose Burden                            Ella Depledge                                    Natalia King

Crew                                          Make-Up                                          Marketing/ Media

Joe Edwards                            Katie Fraser-Ker                               Josh Delve

Tom Hobbs                              Annabelle Harris                              John Ratcliffe

Tom Cupis                                Rosalie Clark                                    Jamie Harris

Dylan Williams                          Kai Rai