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Freemen's Fundraising

Freemen’s 20/20 Vision plans to ‘Rag and Roll On’ through May!

During May Freemen’s is replacing our usual RAG (Raise and Give) Week, with a number of fundraising activities to ‘Rag and Roll On’ during lockdown and continue to raise money for the Freemen’s 20/20 Vision charities.

Our three main events are:

The 'Out Of The Comfort Zone Challenge' for The Freemen’s Face Shields Appeal

Members of the Senior Leadership Team have promised to undertake challenges that push them outside of their comfort zones and post them on the School website. 

Money raised from this campaign will go straight towards buying materials needed by the DT department to continue to produce face shields for the local hospitals, care homes and other front line medical services. So far they have made over 1000 face shields and 500 ear savers for face masks. 

If you would like to donate to our face shields fundraising campaign, please click on the link below:

Update - Here is our Headmaster taking up a challenge out of his comfort zone.

Mr Roland Martin, Headmaster

Our Headmaster took on a challenge completely out of his comfort zone. Although Mr Martin has a love of the arts, he has never tried completing a piece of artwork himself. 

Please see his challenge at taking on a Van Gogh classic with acrylic paints.


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Mrs Jemima Edney, Head of Boarding 

"Although I have some (very classical) musical training, a singer-songwriter I am not. But who doesn’t dream of being the next Ed Sheeran, so I wrote this little ditty, based on a tune from Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana. The tune itself is known as the Easter Hymn, which is not only apt at this time of year, but also represents re-birth and a new outlook on life, which we will all need to keep in mind as we emerge from this pandemic. I hope the lyrics (also my own) reflect the idea of finding a positive way forward on the other side of this outbreak. The peculiar introductory image suggesting that I am representing Scotland is part of an online spoof Euro Vision Facebook competition that I have entered this song into. I shall let you know if I win…"


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2020 Fundraising Charities 
The charities that students and staff have chosen are:

  • Challengers
  • Sight for Surrey
  • Sightsavers 

Twenty Challenges for Challengers
The Sixth Form Charities Committee have put together 20 possible challenges for pupils to take on for sponsorship, with donations going to the Sixth Form charity Challengers. Pupils are welcome to create their own challenge and donate to Challengers using the link below.   

  1. Run, jog, cycle or skate 20 kilometres during the month of May. 
  2. Climb your stairs 20 times. 
  3. Make a poster of drawings, pictures or paintings of 20 rainbows.
  4. Have a 20 minute online dance-athon with your family or friends. 
  5. Complete a fitness challenge e.g. 20 burpees, press ups, star jumps, or squats. 
  6. Bake 20 cupcakes or cookies. 
  7. Try a 20 hours sponsored silence.
  8. Have a zoom party with 20 friends. 
  9. Walk 20 miles in May. 
  10. Spot 20 rainbow posters on your daily walk. 
  11. Make a treasure hunt with 20 items for your siblings. 
  12. Do a plank for 2 minutes every day for 20 days. 
  13. Try 20 new recipes in May. 
  14. Make 20 TikToks in May. 
  15. Make a poster of 20 of your favourite things. 
  16. Contact 20 people who might be feeling lonely. 
  17. Do a 2 mile three-legged walk with a family member. 
  18. Learn 20 words in a new language. 
  19. 20 minutes of skipping, juggling, or hula hooping. 
  20. Attempt to put on 20 items of clothing in 2 minutes.

Lands End to John o'Groats Challenge

This term's main fundraising event for our 20/20 Vision charities, Sightsavers, Sight for Surrey and Challengers, involves as many people as possible in the school community walking one mile and raising £10. The approximate walking distance from Lands End to John o'Groats is 1000 miles - let's see if we can reach the target and raise lots of money for the school charities! If you would like to participate in this challenge, please donate to one of our chosen charities by clicking on one of the links shown below.

To support the Sixth Form Charity, Challengers:

To support the Upper School Charity, Sight for Surrey:

To support the Junior School Charity, Sightsavers: