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GCSE English Language/Literature

Head of Department: Mrs S Parkin

Examination Boards: IGCSE  Language 9-1 (Specification A)  Edexcel GCSE Literature 9-1

The English I/GCSEs are designed to teach pupils to read and write effectively. There are elements of analysis, comprehension and comparison on both courses, and the skills taught are invaluable for the study of all other academic subjects.

The language qualification comprises the study of a range of high quality non-fiction and fiction texts, including poetry, and teaches pupils to write appropriately for task and audience, an essential life skill. Pupils will be taught to read critically and comment on how attitudes and opinions are presented through writers’ use of language and to compare texts. They will learn to recognise and imitate the features of newspapers, letters, speeches, autobiographies and other genres in their own writing and there is the opportunity for creative and imaginative writing as well. There is no coursework.

The literature qualification offers a variety of texts and all pupils will study a Shakespeare play, a post-1914 play or novel, a 19th century novel and a selection of themed poetry from 1789 onwards. The skills of close linguistic analysis and broader commentary on set texts will be taught. There is an element requiring pupils to compare two previously unseen poems. An understanding of the social, historical and cultural factors influencing the production of a literary text will also be assessed. The course is academically rigorous and excellent preparation for the challenges of A Level English Literature. There is no coursework.

IGCSE  English Language 9-1 (Specification A)

Paper 1: Non-fiction and transactional writing (60%) 2 hrs 15 mins

Paper 2: Poetry and prose texts and imaginative writing (40%) 1 hr 30 mins

GCSE English Literature 9-1

Component 1: Shakespeare and Post-1914  Literature (50%) 1 hr 45 mins (closed book)

Component 2: 19th century novel and poetry since  1789 (50%) 2 hrs 15 mins (closed book)