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GCSE History

Head of Department: Mr A.W. Weston

Examining Board: Edexcel IGCSE

Subject code: 4H10

The IGCSE course is a natural development of the work undertaken in earlier years, and chronologically relates to material studied on the 20th Century in Upper 4.

Candidates are required to study a number of aspects of modern world history. The first paper (4H10/01) covers depth studies on Germany 1918–45 and Superpower Relations, 1945-72. The second paper (4H10/02) covers an historical investigation of Russia in Revolution, 1905-24 as well as a breadth study on Changes in Medicine, c1848-c1948. Both papers are 1 hour 30 minutes long and equally weighted. There is no coursework or controlled assessment.

Candidates will be required to develop a number of skills in relation to the events of the past such as an ability to write persuasive, structured and analytical essays. Pupils will also need to be able to show how evidence is questioned, understood and related to a specific enquiry. However, History is more than simply the development of such talents and the events covered allow us to understand the motivations of the people in past societies, and empathise with their experiences. A study of the past gives a greater understanding of humanity in general.

To negotiate the course successfully and enjoy the material covered, you should have an enthusiasm for the events of the past and an enquiring, imaginative mind. Students should also be able to write clearly, succinctly and with relevance to the material under discussion. This IGCSE course is of supreme value for establishing the context of the modern world.  It is academically rigorous without being a tedious series of dates and hugely beneficial in developing analysis, synthesis and empathy skills.