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Isabelle: "thankful for the support of subject teachers."

Isabelle gained all 9s apart from an A in Drama and a 7 in English Literature.

Isabelle had a nervous night before results. “I knew about my drama results last week and was expecting an A* so my confidence had dropped a bit. I’m feeling really happy today.”

Isabelle joined Freemen’s in Form 1 and will stay at the School for Sixth Form studying Art, Religious Studies, Philosophy and French.

“I’m looking forward to the new experience and studying less subjects with more detail. There was quite a lot to revise during GCSEs!”

Isabelle is thankful for the support of specific subject teachers who helped to build up her confidence. “Mrs de Villiers (English) and Mrs Houseman (Art) were extremely helpful.”

Isabelle has enjoyed Senior School at Freemen’s and the GCSE process but also says it was her biggest challenge at the school so far. “Drama was quite tough with constant performances, monologues before the written exam. My advice to students next year is to not to overthink. When you do the exam and you feel it hasn’t gone well, don’t dwell on it too much and let it shake your confidence. Don’t assume you have done badly as you have probably done better than you think!”