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GCSE Mathematics

Head of Department: Mr E Bramhall

Examination Board: EDEXCEL IGCSE                           

Subject code: 4MA1

The mathematics schemes of work include the four areas of the Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics A Higher course: namely, number, algebra, geometry, and statistics. The course requires students to apply the functional elements of mathematics in everyday and real-life situations, and to investigate mathematics beyond the school curriculum.

The content of the course is taught over five terms, with the final term used for revision. This is to maximise each pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the syllabus, their ability to apply what they have learnt and to communicate their ideas and solutions using formal mathematical notation. In addition to textbook and software resources, access to the Mymaths website and the school VLE provide pupils with support materials covering the complete course both at school and at home.

The course is externally assessed by two written papers at the end of Upper 5 that test the three assessment objectives:

  • AO1: Number and algebra 57 - 63%                               
  • AO2: Shape, space and measure 22 - 28%                   
  • AO3: Handling data 12 - 18%

Where appropriate, more able pupils in the year group study extension work that overlaps with and complements the Lower 6 mathematics curriculum. This includes harder algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and some applications of mathematics in mechanics  and probability. These pupils may sit an extension  paper alongside their IGCSE examinations. Pupils currently sit the ACEA Further Mathematics GCSE.