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GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Head of Biology: Mrs J Vatcher

Head of Chemistry: Dr S Pinniger

Head of Physics: Mr J Hallam

Examining Board: EDEXCEL IGCSE

Subject codes: 4BI1, 4CH1, 4PH1

Science is a core subject of the curriculum. It is taught as three separate courses: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, leading to three IGCSEs, one for each Science. In this way, a balanced curriculum can be offered to pupils in the most appropriate way. This arrangement suits all abilities as the course is designed to make the pupils think about Science in an interesting and engaging manner.

IGCSE places great emphasis on practical skills. Pupils will learn to plan and carry out experiments in order to produce accurate results. Analysing results, as well as the method itself, will allow pupils to make judgments as to the quality of their data and practical work, much as research scientists do before presenting findings. The IGCSE course contains no coursework, so these skills are assessed in written examination papers.

Pupils will be encouraged to look at Science in a broad and enquiring way so that they may achieve a rounded and complete understanding of the subject. These IGCSEs contain many interesting topics which relate to the world around us, such as keeping homes warm, car safety, water and air pollution, the production of plastics, gene technology and stem cell research. The three separate Science IGCSEs give pupils a firm foundation in Science – from here, a large number opt for Science subjects at A level.