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Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future - Michael Palin

Geography is ‘one of humanities big ideas’ and the subject introduces young people to the dynamic, complex and controversial world in which they live.

As pupils go through school, they need to be able to understand and take a stance on the biggest issues the planet faces and the geography course at Freemen’s is modern and contemporary to prepare pupils for life in the 21st Century.

Topics covered across the years include climate change, globalisation, development, resources, migration as well as an in-depth look at places such as China, as well as the development of local places such as Epsom and Kingston.

Geography beyond the classroom

The department is based in purpose built teaching rooms in the Haywood Centre, but much learning occurs on field trips both at home and abroad. We run trips locally to Epsom and Kingston, within the UK (Isle of Wight, Snowdonia and Swanage) as well as abroad (Barcelona and recently Iceland Summer 2018).

To support learning, the department runs two hugely successful Geography Societies for both Junior and Senior pupils, attends lectures from speakers at the Guildford Geographical Association and runs a twitter feed (@CLFSGeog)

At Freemen’s, all pupils study geography to the end of year 9, after which it can be chosen as an option for GCSE and A Level. The Department has considerable success: in 2018 it is a popular optional GCSE subject, and results at both GCSE and A-Level are impressive, with 86% A*/A 9/8 at GCSE and 55 % A*/A at A-Level.

Many geographers go on to study the subject, or closely allied subjects at universities around the world each year including Oxbridge universities.