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Students from Ukraine share stories of "light" with global classmates

Earlier last week, the City of London Freemen’s Global classroom brought young people from East Africa together with a group of young Ukranians to discuss the importance of celebrating ‘Light’ in every culture. 

The session, conducted by Head of Freemen’s Global, David Boddy, examined the different forms of Light, including the “light of speech”.

The young Ukrainians told a series of deeply moving stories of how they had kept their spirits high as their homes were attacked.

Students from St Constantine’s International School in Arusha, Tanzania, told fellow students from the British International School of Ukraine that they found incredible inspiration from the stories, filling them with gratitude for their own situation. 

Commenting on the session, David Boddy said: “Our Global Classroom, using the most sophisticated technology to link young people together from all over the world, is bringing a depth of understanding, tolerance and compassion to our next generation, which I think the world sorely needs.”

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