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Globalisation Talk at Eton College

Lower 6th students visit the Eton College Keynes Society to hear a talk from Mr David Lubin about “Globalisation: The End of the Road”.

Around a dozen of the Freemen’s Lower 6th Business and Economics students signed up to attend this fascinating lecture, where Mr Lubin discussed a wide range of topics relating to globalisation in the past, present, and future on the 26th November.

He started by outlining the creation of the first truly global economic system in the post-colonial era, as developing countries liberalised trade and so encouraged foreign investment. He stressed this transformation as being particularly pivotal in China from the 1980s onwards, as its growth led to a commodity boom that allowed other countries to develop. However, following the financial crash, foreign investment fell and China became more insular economically, and financed growth via credit, rather than through investment. He argued that since 2012, globalisation has been in reverse, caused by reduced Chinese growth and investment and a rise in protectionism, especially in the US. Mr Lubin claimed that given the current geopolitical situation, especially the ongoing US-China trade war, globalisation as we know it has reached the end of the road. He suggested that in the future, trade would become increasingly regionalised rather than global, for example East Asia influenced by China, and Europe dominated by the EU.

In conclusion, the talk was very interesting and thought-provoking, especially from an international economic and political perspective, offering a brief but thorough analysis of the history and trajectory of the global economy.

Joshua, L6 Economics student