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School Partners

What we offer to our partners

Our Courses – A Level, GCSE and beyond 

Students can choose up to three A Levels from: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Business Studies, Economics, Computing and Chemistry. As we can draw on our existing staffing expertise we are happy to work with partners who would like to offer additional A Levels. In future Freemen’s Global plans to extend our offering to include GCSEs. 

In addition, Freemen’s Global students will be eligible to study an English for Business course, the Extended Project Qualification(EPQ) and participate in our University and Beyond programme. 

Preparation for University and future careers

Freemen’s Global students who join our University and Beyond programme will be guided through choosing an appropriate pathway post A Level and completing higher education applications. There is targeted help for students aspiring to Oxford or Cambridge to help them prepare for course specific assessments such as the TAS or LNAT. Future medics, dentists and vets will receive special support and all students will be invited to our lunchtime careers talks and City of London careers events.

Our learning platform

Freemen’s Immersive Learning Platform is a combination of tried and trusted teaching and learning methods and cutting-edge technology. We have combined the X20 immersive classroom pioneered at Harvard Business School with robust Office365 architecture, enabling students and teachers to share work and collaborate. Students feel they are present with the teacher in the classroom, participating in question and answer sessions, receiving personal attention and feedback, and building the relationships which are crucial to the academic success at Freemen’s. 

Residential programmes 

Freemen’s is providing opportunities for its Global Students to visit our 57 acre campus in the beautiful Surrey Hills, a short distance from Heathrow and Gatwick. 

Residential programmes will be held in the Easter and Summer holidays. 

A typical residential trip will include the following:

  • Accommodation in the boarding house 
  • A day exploring the financial community in the City of London 
  • Day trips exploring Cambridge and Oxford Universities
  • Team building days
  • Leadership challenges 
  • Cultural learning opportunities/theatre visit
  • University applications day 
  • Talks from University admissions tutors
  • Support with the English language
  • Sporting activities

Joining our global network

At City of London Freemen’s School we aim to nurture a community of adults and children who are ambitious about what they might achieve, while they are attending Freemen’s and afterwards. This support can prove invaluable in later life and our network of contacts is enjoyed by members around the world. Becoming a partner of Freemen’s Global will ensure that the students who are taught by Freemen’s Global can become lifelong members of the Freemen’s alumni network.

Meet our partners 

Our initial partnership programmes see Freemen’s Global connecting with schools and their pupils in Germany, Italy and Korea.


how we work with our partners 

The graphic below shows how a partnership with Freemen’s Global is likely to work and where the responsibilities lie for both parties:


what is required of a partner? 

Publicise, promote, and market the courses

Freemen’s Global will provide a range of collateral to support the local school in this. We will also support a number of virtual events which will showcase the immersive learning which is at the heart of the proposition.

Recruit the students

These might be a partner’s existing students who wish to take A Levels or this might represent an opportunity for growth. Those students who meet the admissions criteria should be enrolled. Freemen’s Global will support you through this by offering marketing materials and a number of ‘taster’ lessons so that the students and their parents can experience the learning methods via the Immersive Platform.

Freemen’s Room

The pupils should be provided with a dedicated ‘Freemen’s Room’ equipped with specified equipment and a strong and fast internet connection. Freemen’s Global can help design and brand this room. This room provides a high-quality experience for the immersive learning, but it should also provide a focal point for the Freemen’s Global pupils within the partner school – giving them a shared identity and strengthening the bonds of peer support.

Local Education

Our partners will provide the pupils with critical local elements of their education ensuring that they remain a local student who recognises the local school’s values and reputation. Aspects of this will vary partner by partner but is likely to include local mandatory curriculum subjects, sport, co-curricular activities, and day-to-day tutorials. We will help our local partner build the timetable for this to match our contributions and we will work to find where elements of both curricular can be refined to avoid gaps or overlaps.


Our partners will ensure that students fall within local safeguarding requirements and we will work to ensure the alignment of safeguarding approaches. There will be clear communication between Freemen’s Global teachers and local teachers. 

Local educational and legal compliance

Partners will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all local educational and legal requirements. We will work to ensure that any aspects of the education which we offer conforms to local legal regulations.

Financial transactions

Partners will be responsible for all financial transactions with the pupils and families, with a single termly payment to Freemen’s Global.

Our Partnership Criteria 

Our chosen partner schools are likely to have the following characteristics:

  • A thirst for continuously driving up educational standards
  • A desire to become part of a global educational community
  • A cohort of students wishing to study the British curriculum and take A Level and/or GCSEs
  • A cohort of students seeking entry into UK, Irish or US universities 
  • Recognition of the importance of students of all races, all backgrounds, all genders, studying together and exploring some of the greatest issues facing mankind
  • A minimum number of pupils – to be discussed per partner, per region


Partnership Enquiries

If you would like to discuss becoming a Partner School with City of London Freemen’s, please email Director of Business Development, David Boddy at