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A Guide for Students and Parents

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Who the school is for?

Freemen’s Global is for aspirational and hardworking students who deserve the best opportunities to work on a global stage. By studying in English, with the best teachers with proven methods, students will have an excellent opportunity to gain top grades in British qualifications, such as A Levels and GCSEs.

Our support will enable students to gain access to the best UK, European and US Universities. 

Our courses

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What subjects can I study? What subjects are on offer? 

We offer A Levels in Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Physics. We can extend that offer to other subjects if enough students around the world are interested. Extra subjects will be offered after discussion and by agreement with the partner school. 

In future, Freemen’s Global plans to extend our offering to include GCSEs. 

In addition Freemen’s Global students will be eligible to study an English for Business course, the Extended Project Qualification(AQA) and participate in our University and Beyond programme. 

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What Co-Curricular Activities are available? 

By joining Freemen’s Global students will be able to participate in the wide range of co-curricular activities that Freemen’s undertakes, all of which can help support applications for university places. Freemen’s Global offers activities from our Business and Economics Society (BEST) to our Scholar’s lecture programme. 

What are international A Levels?

International A Levels are the international version of A Levels in the UK. They are provided by Pearson Edexcel and are globally recognised qualifications which open doors to top universities worldwide. They are comparable to GCE A Levels, as confirmed by NARIC, the national agency responsible for providing information and expert opinion on qualifications and skills worldwide. International A Level qualifications hold the same weight when it comes to university applications as A Levels. 

Live teaching

Freemen’s Global is not an online set of resources which students follow independently, like a MOOC. Freemen’s Global allows students to step into the classroom with our world-class Freemen’s teachers and be taught by them in small groups according to the best possible classroom practice. Our teachers will offer direct classroom instruction, questioning, assessments and feedback, challenges and homework. Just like a physical classroom, students will sometimes be taught as a class and sometimes the teacher will work in small groups or even individually. Students will be expected to work hard, complete work to the best of their ability, ask questions to enhance understanding, reflect on material and make improvements based on feedback. Most importantly, students will be expected to aim high. 

Using the Technology

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Entry testing 

Freemen’s Global is a selective pupil intake and students will be required to pass assessments in Maths and English, plus subject specific assessments depending on course choices.

To join our A Level programme we require students to demonstrate sufficient understanding of English to obtain an IELTS score of 6.5. We would usually expect A Level students to have gained six or more GCSE or iGCSE qualifications at an average of 8 or above to join our Sixth Form, with required grades for some subjects e.g. to study Maths A Level you will need an 8 in Maths iGCSE. For students who have not taken iGCSEs we will set a Maths assessment and written assessment in a subject appropriate to the subjects they wish to study at A Level. We would ask the partner school to help to administer that assessment. Students will be asked to do an interview with us and will be expected to provide a report from their current school. We may seek our partners’ support to interpret their local assessment information.


Teaching and Learning

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Students will split their day between work in the Freemen’s Global room and other activities in the partner school.

In the Freemen’s Global room, every student will have two screens: one will show the digital classroom, thanks to our X20 technology. This means that both student and teacher can see and hear each other very well. Three camera views and a surround-sound system enable participants to see and hear everything taking place and to contribute fully to the lesson. 

The second screen will enable access to the Freemen’s Global learning centre. Here students will find all the materials provided by the teacher, even if they are created live in the lesson. The student’s work will appear here too, and the teacher will be able to give feedback in real-time or mark it after the lesson has ended. The technology allows the sharing of feedback to drive improvement and pupil performance.

What does a typical day look like? 

This will entirely depend on the arrangement between the partner school and Freemen’s Global. We believe that attending school physically is important and that a student’s school day should include a chance to spend time with friends socially, to learn local languages, play sport, attend clubs, eat together and do any other subjects which the partner school is providing. Several periods will be spent in the Freemen’s Global centre. 

How do parents keep up to date with their children's learning progress? 

Freemen’s Global will provide regular progress updates to students and parents indicating performance to date plus likely grades in the final assessments. These will take the form of report cards. In addition, parents and guardians will be invited to attend parents’ evenings where they will be able to speak to Freemen’s Global teachers.

How are science practicals taught? 

Our choice of International A Levels means that science practical lessons will be taught as theory. However, students wishing to put their learning into action can come along to a Freemen’s Global Science Residential, likely to be held over Easter periods at our Ashtead Park site near Epsom, in Surrey and within easy reach of London. 

Examinations and University

Continuous Assessment 

Freemen’s Global believes that assessment is crucial in enabling students to achieve their potential. Assessments take place in many different ways. Sometimes it will be via teachers’ questions, sometimes it might be via an essay or a multiple choice quiz. What matters is what happens afterwards. Freemen’s Global teachers are trained to make the most of every assessment and provide feedback so students can deepen their learning and improve their grades. This can be challenging for a student but is the key determinant of success. Those students who learn to reflect on their feedback and implement the advice given will go onto achieve the results Freemen’s is renowned for. 

Where are the A Level examinations taken? 

The partner school will register as an Examinations Centre and students will take their exams there in the normal way. 

When students apply to university can they say they went to City of London Freemen's School? 

Students graduating with A Levels or GCSEs having studied at Freemen’s Global will be awarded a special certificate from City of London Freemen’s School. This will be in addition to the UK National Examination Board Certifications and will be able to be used as study evidence during the University Application process. 

Freemen’s Global students will also be invited to join our global alumni programme. 

Special support for pupils preparing for competitive applications to Oxford, Cambridge and the UK’s top 20 universities, plus USA applications.  

Freemen’s has a long tradition of helping students obtain places at the best universities in the world. 

Students at Freemen’s Global will be able to join our University and Beyond programme. This will provide a guide through the process of choosing an appropriate academic pathway after A Level completion and higher education applications. There is targeted help for students aspiring to Oxford or Cambridge to help them prepare for course specific assessments such as the TAS or LNAT and for future medics, dentists and vets. Students will also be invited to Freemen’s lunchtime careers talks and City of London Corporation’s careers events.

Contact us

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