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History can be defined as the study of the recorded past. There are a number of vital reasons for the study of the past, amongst them the fact that History will be used and misused as a weapon in debate and discussion.

An understanding of the past is crucial in being able to counter the potential for the past to be distorted and for the beneficial use of historical knowledge in the present.

History is taught at Freemen’s from Year 3 all the way through to the Sixth Form. Topics vary from the Romans and Vikings to Victorians and Egyptians. Medieval and early-modern Britain is covered, as well as twentieth century Europe and beyond.

History outside of the classroom

As well as classroom learning, we bring history to life with themed days such as medieval and Egyptian days. Pupils also go on trips to see historical sites and artefacts. Rochester, the Black Country Museum, the National Army Museum, Hampton Court, the Somme and Berlin are just some of the places we have visited in recent years.

Pupils also develop their interest in History through The Batchelor Society. Run by staff and students, the society organises lectures, seminars and debates on a variety of historical and contemporary political topics.

History at Freemen’s is frequently the most popular option chosen by students at GCSE with over half the Lower 5 cohort usually taking the subject. Our A Level results are excellent.  We have recently instigated a trip to the United States every two years to supplement areas of student learning in our A Level content.