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Jamie: "Freemen's is not just about the academics, it's about life"

Jamie gained A grades in Geography and Biology and a B in History.

Jamie is very happy after getting, in his words, "spot on what I needed" and will now be going to Loughborough university to study Geography. He is most looking forward to joining the swim programme.

"It is the best in the country. I went in October to train with the team and that is what pulled me to Loughborough. It is such a great atmosphere. Everyone is in the same position as you. There is also a lot of support from the tutors for when you are in competitions and at training camps."

Jamie has managed to enjoy Freemen's new pool for the last two terms.

"I have been training in there on Wednesday afternoons, which meant I don't have to train in the evenings, which gives me a bit more time to focus."

Jamie, who has been at Freemen's since Form 1,  has a hectic 18 hours of training, which he has fitted in around his studies. It means he trains every evening, as well as Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, not to mention competitions.

"The teachers have given me extra support. They have given me more time for deadlines and kept an extra eye on me, especially in the Winter when I am run down."

Picture of Freemen's Jamie after securing a place at Loughborough university August 2018

He recommends being organised to next year's A Level students.

"Don't leave the EPQ and coursework to the last minute. it causes huge stress."

It is the people that I will miss now that he has left Freemen's, as well as the culture.

"It's not just about the academics, it's also about life. I appreciate other opinions. i am more confident. I can express my own views. I developed as a person."

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