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Jo: "We're encouraged to be independent"

Jo gained A* in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Jo was not expecting 4 A*s, but is happy and relieved now that she has them. She will be heading to Cambridge to study Medicine. 

She feels prepared for the course after a lot of support during Upper 6.

Image of students who got 4 A* at Freemen's School, Surrey

"For medicine. every Friday, we had two hours where we looked at the latest research, worked on interview techniques and our personal statements. The subject teachers were also really helpful and focussed on what we needed for the exam and produced materials for us to use."

It was not just the exams that Jo felt prepared for.

"People say that we are spoon-fed, but we are encouraged to be independent. We can go to the teachers, but we do our own research and look in text books for the answer."

Jo, who joined in Upper 3 (Year 7), recommends next year's A level cohort start early.

"Write notes as you go along, so that you can focus on the content rather than the notes. At the end of each topic, I would write down one equation that I found hard, so when I went back to it, I could see what needed to work on."

Image of Student  with 2018 A level results from Freemen's

She says a trip to China in Upper 4 (Year 9) was her highlight.

"It was very different to anything I have done before. I was in a new form in  Upper 4 and was with someone else on the trip and meant I could meet new people and make close friends."

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